Virtual Personal Training
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VAY powers your virtual personal trainer on your device. The user positions himself in front of the phone or laptop and starts to exercise. The movements get analyzed and the user receives real-time feedback on his form and overall performance.


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2018 we wanted to create a T-Shirt that understood human movement and was able to give feedback in real-time on fitness exercises. After building the prototype, we realized that the sensor-stuffed T-Shirt was too expensive and obtruded the user experience.

At this time computer vision (CV) algorithms started becoming fast enough for consumer products. So we set ourselves on the journey to create a fitness coach app that is powered by CV and more specifically human pose estimation.

One year later, we were ready to enter and disturb the fitness app market. During development, we still focused mostly on the underlying core technology: our human motion analysis algorithms.

As first movers in the market, we received a lot of interest and attention from other players from the health & fitness market. With our mission to tackle the global MSK proplem, we decided that we can have a bigger impact if we licinse our technology to existing players in the market to make the world a healthier place.

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