Use case: mHealth coach

We have built together with Helsana an app that understands and guides their users on how to do proper squats. Once the person does proper squats the user gets rewarded points which they can use to get a discount on their premium.


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More on the Helsana story

Helsana is the leading health and accident insurance company in Switzerland. Not only in terms of revenue and number of customers but also in terms of technological solutions for their customers.

One of their solutions is called the Helsana Coach App. The app inspires and motivates their customers with exercises, nutrition, and mindfulness. Moreover, the user gets personalised tips and activities recommended.

Being a leader in innovative products, Helsana approached us to explore how we can create a new, immersive customer experience to engage their clients even more.

Together we decided to create an application that helps their customers to learn the perfect squat execution. Every time the person does a correct squat, points are awarded that can be redeemed to get cashback from the premiums.

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