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Quantify and analyze human motion.

Digitize human movements and give real-time user-feedback. Professional insights to count on.



Gather important angles of the human body and define good or bad thresholds.

tacho meter


Measure the velocity of specific human body parts to analyze movement speed and count repetitions.

human body


Evaluate poses and movements and compare them to your individual target execution.

We give everyone access to athlete-grade motion analysis.

It is was too complex and expensive to implement human motion analysis in scalable applications.

Use case:
Sports & Fitness

Give your users access to the professional feedback they deserve. Correct poses, count repetitions and give them the personalised guidance they need for their training session.

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real time


Analyze human poses and create real-time response systems.



We move the freest without any markers or sensors, which allows us to fully enjoy our training session at anytime from anywhere.



With us, any camera suffices to understand human motion. Your users should be able to enjoy the full potential of your application independent from any phone, laptop or camera requirements.

Unlimited possibilities

Turn the human body into a game controller. Build a virtual physio trainer or teach your employees to move ergonomically. Your choice.

Workplace Safety

Ensure workplace wellness with our solution.

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Sports & Fitness

Create real-time feedback systems to guide your users.

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Interactive Entertainment

Remove markers and let your users interact with your AR applications.

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Teach your users to do physical exercises the right way.

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A plug-and-play solution.

Get started real quick with a few copy and pastes.

from vayai.vup.client import Client, IdTypes
client = Client('ssl://').connect()
# Configure your session
client.send_metadata(uid='your-user-name', # Your user name goes here.
               task_type=IdTypes.Movement, # The desired type of analysis to perform.
               id=12345)                   # Specify the id of your analysis task.
sessionId = client.read_message().sessionId
# Now you are good to go, send your images...
# and receive the results!
response = client.read_message()
# We offer the raw key points...
points = response.points
print(f'Nose: x={points.nose.x}, y={points.nose.y}, z={points.nose.z}')
# ... as well as detailed feedback.
feedback =